Thursday, March 10, 2011

Swatch Colour Code

SO, I'm kind of really obsessed with Swatch's new lady collection. I was shopping the other day and was pulled in by the awesome colors of the Swatch store. First thing I notice, these super long watches in every one of my favorite colors. They wrap around to create these really cute and simple watch/bracelet. Absolutely perfect for spring's emerging color block trend.

What's even better?...They're waterproof and only $50!
Get em' HERE

Now...what color to choose?

And, If you love to layer your jewelry and watches, Swatch's patent leather wrap bracelets are perfect. ...and again, $25 each. Definitely getting a couple of these. 

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  1. wowww... I love it!! very nice blog!

  2. Beautiful colors! I love it!


  3. nice blog, i love the colors!!!

    check out mine:

  4. This watch is beautiful and I will buy it, here in Italy. I like the blue but the pink one,too ... or perhaps all!
    A warm greeting. Lella