Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sculpture Park

In an attempt to take a panoramic photo of the Manhattan skyline, I went to this really awesome sculpture park in Long Island City.  There weren't too many sculptures out because it's so cold, but surprisingly there were a lot of people riding their bikes, playing with their children, and just staring at the intricate skyline.  These photos are from last Sunday, but I've been SO busy with school and work.  IT NEVER ENDS! (until spring break that is)  So here are the shots Josh and I took in our short visit to the lovely little park (that I'll be sure to visit often in the warmer weather).
Snow angel looking sculptures in the ground

Swarovski stone necklace

ring from saks off 5th/new oval ring that I bought at a sterling silver booth at school/Olivia 2-finger ring

Old watch from forever21/h&m bracelet

snagged this Dooney & Bourke at a goodwill for $10

Aldo sunglasses

Mini Cooper bike? UH YES

gotta love sparkly socks (American Apparel, Ked Sneakers)

finished panoramas (one of the skyline and one of the park) What do you think? Too generic? (I think so...)

Photos of me are taken by Josh Olszewski, all others by Me © All Rights Reserved.


  1. The final result was picture perfect!!! I´d love to go to NEW YORK again,love the city and everything about it.KEEP IN TOUCH HONEY!!! ;)

  2. u both loook so cool!!! nice outfit!! and fun pictures!!

    i also like the final outcome!!! awesome!