Friday, March 18, 2011

Into a Sea of Green...

Yesterday I journeyed into the sea of crazy drunkards and there was green everywhere! I saw a little of the parade, but I wasn't too impressed and instead grabbed a bite to eat with my lovely boyfriend Josh and then did a little shopping. Overall, it was a really fun and relaxing day (which I desperately needed). 
Here's some shots I took:
I spy: clover tights (had to capture a picture of these babies)

Josh is so festive

As is Joe (blowing the grenade whistle into everyone's' ears)

Really fantastic church that was right where we were standing for the parade

I love when walls and bridges are painted awesome colors

These are slices of rat brains in slides (weird, I think I just liked the color of the box)
My friend Andy's finished tattoo (LOVE IT, I have many tattoos, maybe you'll see them one day ;) )

Cool mens Nautica sunglasses that I kind of wanted to steel from Josh's brother's apartment :/

New ring (one of the many new pieces of jewelry from the day; more to come!)

Josh's new Yankee fitted (that I picked out thank you very much)

Mural at the B-ball courts on 45th & 10th

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