Sunday, June 26, 2011

DIY: Nutty Bracelet

I've recently discovered the blog called Honestly, WTF, which has tons of awesome (and easy) DIY tutorials.  I fell in love with the simple braided hex nut bracelet.  All you need is 16 (or more) small hex nuts (Home Depot!) and some cotton twine, or I used yarn.
-Cut 3 one yard pieces of the string and tie them together leaving about 2 inches of string above the knot
-Next, braid the string for about an inch or two
-Then, you start to braid in the hex nuts (this is a little tricky) before you move the left string over the center one, thread a nut on the left string, cross it over, thread a nut on the right string, cross it over...and so on
-Once all of the nuts are braided in, just finish with another inch or two of regular braiding, tie another knot AND YOUR DONE! :)

Now you can wrap it around your wrist a couple of times and pair it some other bracelets to make a super cool arm party.

Decided to include Kiki in some photos because she is just so damn cute

© Olivia Joel- 2011


  1. a stack of bracelets and kitties! my two favorite things in life!! Love this post to pieces!

    by the way, i've moved from "I Live For It". I recently launched my brand new blog, MOONSTRUCK EXPOSÉ!

    Hope you'll come visit and follow along!

    I'm of course following you from moonstruck now. ;)

    moonstruck exposé

    x. juliana

  2. Great post here. Simple but very effective bracelet. And Kiki is very cute. Xxxx