Friday, September 16, 2011


Just a tab bit late on this one...Unfortunately I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to, but I figured I would share the few photos I did take and the little goodies I scooped up while shuffling down Broadway in Soho (SO CROWDED!).
My best girl Amanda
Insane shoes that I saw a girl wearing in American Apparel...she did them herself!
Urban Decay Naked palette that I've been dying to get

Yup, I gave in and finally bought the American Apparel leather pouch (only because I got Lauren's discount!)
Jeffrey Campbell Clinic
I didn't buy these at FNO, but for FNO.  I wanted to have them so bad, I ended up buying them twice on Solestruck! The first time I picked standard shipping and they weren't going to be delivered in time.  Second time I picked express and they were scheduled to come the day before, BUT I missed UPS while I was at work!  And so, I finally received these amazing shoes the day of only for them to rip my feet up all night (whoever said these were comfortable in the reviews are out of their minds).

Photos: Me

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