Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Leather Pouch

I was browsing around American Apparel not too long ago and noticed this rather large leather zip pouch. I have one similar, but a lot smaller from there. This one is way better because it's leather and big enough to carry as a clutch! But then I took a look at the $58 price, almost choked and said, "eh, no." Not worth almost $60 sorry, AA.
Now that I'm dying to get a minimalistic clutch in a bright color for spring and summer, I went right back to this pouch. Again, can't bring myself to spend that much on something I can make(plus, they don't come in awesome colors, just black, tan, and stone).
AHA! I feel a DIY coming along...I'm thinking turquoise leather with a tan zipper with gold teeth. What do ya think? Easily manageable. I'll share when I get around to making this bad boy. Ooo can't wait!

Now back to homework...homework...homework...

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