Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Heel-less heels?!

Can I just say...WOW! Although these Antonio Berardi heels may be old news, I'm still thinking about how outrageous they are! Why make a heel, with NO heel?! I can imagine myself trying to walk in these and simply tipping forward and falling flat on my face...much like what lady gaga did last year in her Noritaka Tatehana boots (whooopsie!)

Although these seem super dangerous to actually wear, they're kind of like a piece of art, and that's what I love about them. I would put them on display just to drool over, and that's where they belong at a whopping $6,500 retail price (yikes!)

So I'll leave you to stare at some of these amazing heel-less heels by other designers who made this crazy idea their own.
Lady Gaga again in another pair of Noritaka Tatehana shoes (check out those studs!)

The ever so popular Nina Ricci Fall 2009 heel-less heels in Marie Claire Italy
8 inches! You might need to get some insurance for these babies

Chau Har Lee, somewhat wearable...maybe.

These futuristic ones are by Kronier Creations

A more recent heel-less heel by Jan Taminiau Haute Couture collection, Amsterdam Fashion Week
These don't even have a platform in the front! Just one right down the middle, like walking on stilts I suppose (photo from the fashiolista blog)

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  1. they need to give you painn :o