Sunday, January 22, 2012

Duo-Tone Nails

Ok, so, like everyone else out there, I've become completely obsessed with duo-tone nail polishes, such as the ever so famous, Chanel Peridot. At one point, I almost gave in and bought it for $30, but wisely stopped myself and said, "Am I really going to use this polish more than, at the very most, 10 times?" Totally not worth it if you ask me. Not to mention this polish is now selling for $50 on Ebay (crazy, I tell ya!). And recently I discovered the Gareth Pugh line for MAC and fell completely in love with the Ascension color. $22, eh, not too bad. But I couldn't help but think in the back of my mind that I've seen this exact color somewhere else. The more I kept thinking about it, I realized I have that color buried in my collection of polishes. At last, I found it! But for some reason I had ripped the label off and the only thing on the bottle was the name "Emerald Amethyst" on top. After a little Google researching I found that it is from the Sally Hansen Nail Prisms collection. Now it's all coming back to me, I bought this from a drug store! Anyway, most of the colors from the Nail Prism collection are discontinued, but are selling on Ebay and Amazon for $5-$10. I'll take that! So many beautiful duo-tones, particularly the Amber Ruby color that I'm definitely snatching up.
Um, hello, AMAZING! And in my opinion even better than Chanel's Peridot, yea, I said it.
So here's the color I have, Emerald Amethyst.
Almost exactly the same as Gareth Pugh for MAC's Ascension, not as shimmery, but just as good. So, moral of the story, do your research before you spend an absurd amount of money on designer pieces, you'll almost always find something similar, and just as amazing.

Photos: First 2-Google, 3rd-Goose's Glitter, last 3-myself


  1. GAH! i just got that chanel one, we're totally twinsies

  2. Wow, I also prefer yours than Chanel's!!

  3. As for this post!! Totally loving it.. I'm still very much want the Chanel Peridot. And the Gareth Pugh one too. But it seem's I also need the Sally Hansen one too.

    Thanks for sharing!!