Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Food For You: Pear Prosciutto Havarti Cheese Pizza

Another food post already! But seriously, when I saw this pizza on, it was exactly what I was craving and it needed to be in my tummy by dinner. I just so happened to be going grocery shopping and picked up the ingredients. As you can probably tell already, I LOVE fruit and cheese...sweet, salty YUMMM. And again, it's super simple to make. I made a few minor changes from the original recipe, here.


- Cookie sheet
- Your choice of pizza crust (I wanted it to be quick so I bought a tube, but if your ambitious, make your own!)
- 1 package of Havarti Cheese
- 1 package of Prosciutto
- 1 medium red pear
- 1 medium green pear (Don't worry if the pears aren't completely ripe because their going to cook in the oven)
- Mixed greens or arugula, which is what the original recipe calls for
- Butter flavored cooking spray, olive oil, pepper and optional vinaigrette (not pictured)

OK so, first, preheat your oven to 425 degrees. Then, Lightly spray your sheet with butter flavored cooking spray and roll your pizza dough evenly on to the sheet.

Now, place your sliced Havarti cheese on the dough, leaving a little room on the outside for a crust.

Next, spread the prosciutto on top of the cheese.

Slice your pears thinly and spread evenly around the pizza. In my case, I only did half
because my boyfriend despises cooked fruit, weirdo.

This is my own step, since I didn't want to use arugula, I compensated with some black pepper
because it tends to have a peppery taste to it.

Drizzle olive oil on the edges to create a golden crust.

Pop it in the oven for about 15-17 minutes or until the crust is golden brown.

Once you see that the crust is a nice golden color you can take it out. Then let it cool before you cut it.

Lastly, cut a rectangle slice, top it with your greens and an optional drizzle of raspberry vinaigrette
and CHOW DOWN! A delicious, somewhat healthy, pizza. Play with the ingredients
and try other kinds of fruit and cheese and let me know what you think!

All Photos by Myself


  1. I lived on havarti cheese when I used to work at a good!

  2. Pizza is not really bad for you because it has grain,cheese and tomato sauce. these are normal healthy things but depends what kind of pizza it is. I like pizza wandsworth

  3. Different and good way to make pizza