Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Animalistic Tee


I can't help but notice animal tees and dresses popping up all over the place...and well, it's pretty freaking awesome. I especially love the relaxed look of the first two photos, but really, I can find a shirt exactly like that from a thrift store. I jumped on that real quick and placed my bid on a rad panther tee from Ebay (fingers crossed, although I don't think everyone's running to Ebay for a ridiculous panther tee shirt). I think if when I get the tee I'm going to work a little DIY magic to make it fit just right. Oh, but who could forget Christopher Kane's Spring 2009 Gorilla dresses? I can't, and that's precisely why I'm suddenly infatuated with giant animal heads.


Photos: MAFFASHION, Carolines Mode,

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