Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY: Honestly WTF's Spiked Comb

I've wanted to make this Maison Michel inspired spiked comb for the longest time after I saw it on Honestly WTF, but I ended up using the spikes I bought for another project at school, and so it got pushed back a bit. I finally bought some more spikes and here it is, pretty awesome if you ask me. Thanks Honestly WTF! See the full instructions here.

You'll need:
-liquid super glue
-curved plastic comb, buy it here
-7-9 cone spikes, depending how long your comb is (I used seven 1 inch silver cone spikes from studsandspikes.com

First, glue two spikes on each end of the combs and hold them on until they're dry. I found that blowing on it helped it to dry a lot faster. Then, space out the rest of the spikes to make sure they'll be placed on evenly.

Glue the rest of the spikes, alternating sides. That's it! Put it in a teased out pony, and you're good to go!

Photos: Myself

Happy Anniversary to Adorn Me!! 1 year today :) Thank you for all who follow and support me, it means so much!

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  1. Hi I met you yesterday at the IFB conference... I love this post and your blog is really good. This DIY project is so creative

    Malesha Gross